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Divisions and Leadership

Current Leaders

Honorary Dean:MA Shengrong

Dean: DONG Tiance

Deputy CCP Secretary of the School & Secretary of the School Discipline Inspection Commission: WEI Shiping

Vice Dean: ZHANG Jin

Assistants: PENG Yilin, OUYANG Zhao, Guo Xiao’an

Teaching Divisions

Division of Journalism and Communication Theory and History

Director: LONG Wei

Division of Journalism and Communication Practice

Director: LIU Haiming

Division of New Media and Media Management

Director: ZENG Runxi

Research Divisions

Institute of Journalism, Communication and Social Development

Director: DONG Tiance

Institute of Public Opinion Research at Chongqing University

Director: XIAO Tieyan

Deputy Director: LING Xiaoming, ZHOU Hui, ZENG Runxi

Management Divisions

CCP Commission Office

Assistant to the Secretary & Coordinator: WEI Yuan, 023-65678269

Managing Office

Director: GONG Bing, 023-65678268

Accountant: GONG Ying, 023-65678268

Assistant (Research): XIANG Huan,  023-65678269

Assistant (International Affairs): XIANG Huan, 023-65678269

Assistants (Teaching): LIU Nian, 023-65678272

                LIU Xin, 0230-65678266

Student Office

Director & Secretary of the YLC: ZHOU Yingying, 023-65678270

                       LI Lang  023-65678271


Director: SUN Liangbin, 023-65678275

       DONG Aotong, 023-65678275

       GAO Yanan, 023-65678275

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Phone Number: 023-65678268