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MA Program

MA in Journalism and Communication Studies

The Master of Arts in Journalism and Communication Studies begins to recruit students since 2004. It includes three specific MA majors namely Journalism Studies, Communication Studies, and Arts. From 2006, the school is authorized to award MA degree to students under the “First Level Discipline – Journalism and Communication Studies”. The program welcomes research degree students to enroll in the following majors:

a. Journalism and Communication Theory;

b. Journalism and Communication History;

c. Journalism and Communication Practice;

d. Radio and TV Research;

e. Internet and New Media;

f. Editing and Publishing Research;

g. Strategic Communication Research;

h. Media Management;

i. Media Law and Media Policies;

j. Media Culture and Media Criticism.

Master of Journalism and Communication (MJC)

This professional degree begins to recruit students since 2010. Chongqing University’s MJC program is one of the first approved professional degree programs by the government of China. This program dedicates to cultivate high-caliber and creative journalistic and communication professionals. There are six majors:  

a. Journalism Practice;

b. Broadcast and TV Journalism;

c. Internet and New Media;

d. Editing and Publishing;

e. Advertising and Public Relations;

f. Media Management.